Learn How Minimalism Can Help You Become Healthy, Happy, and Free

Click and Add To CartOn October 4, 2010 I released an ebook called Luxury of Less that sold 1,687 copies in just 3 days. Then I took it off the market … until now.

Full disclosure: I’m not the first person to write about how minimalism positively affected their life and I won’t be the last. Minimalism has been alive and kicking for longer than I’ve been on Earth and it will continue to live on when I no longer am. The modern minimalist movement actually began in the mid-1800s with a book called Walden by Henry David Thoreau, a true revolutionary.

What You’ll Learn Inside:

Luxury of Less is based on a personally influential work call The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. I’ve laid out my minimalist philosophy with my own version of the Five Rings.

The Minimalist Five Rings are:

  1. Health – How To Achieve Optimal Health (The Minimalist Way, of course)
  2. Wealth – How To Take Control Of Your Financial State Once and For All
  3. Relationships – How and Why To Appreciate Fewer Close Relationships
  4. Experiences – The Lifeblood of a Happy Existence. Learn Why You Need Epic Adventures and How To Make Them Happen.
  5. The Void – The Void is when you’ve attained such an immense amount of knowledge on a topic that you “know” things without knowing them.

Within all of these Rings I’ve included ten 30-Day Minimalist Challenges to help you get started living with less and, most importantly, being exceptionally happy doing so.

How You Can Help Make Minimalist History:

The truth is, the first time I released Luxury of Less it sold 1,687 copies, so it has made it into far more hands than I expected it would. Most authors don’t sell very many copies of their writing so I’m quite proud of this accomplishment. But I’d like to put this book into 100,000 hands.

This is how we’ll do that (you’re the most important piece of this puzzle):

  1. Click here to buy Luxury of Less at the OnlyIndie.com store. It is an instantly downloadable for your Kindle, iPad, Nook, and other eBook readers.
  2. Read it.
  3. Send it to a friend who you think will benefit from the content. This is important. Not everybody you know will care to read it. Choose carefully and send your friend Luxury of Less for free via the Kindle Book Lending feature.
  4. Write a review about Luxury of Less on your blog to spread the word and affect a little more positive change in the world. I’m also available for interviews.

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“An ispiring reflection on the truly important things in life.” – Antonio Serrano

Read what others are saying here.

Not A Minimalist?

You don’t need to identify as a minimalist to benefit from this work. I don’t write about living with 50 things or even counting your possessions at all. That is completely unimportant. What’s important is aligning your life in a way that makes sense to you. Every single person currently living in the First World can benefit from aspects of minimalism. That is my guarantee to you.

If after reading Luxury of Less you don’t agree, just get in touch and I will immediately process your refund. No guilt, no judgement, no questions asked. (And even if you ask for a refund I still want you to pass the book on to 3 of your friends who you think will benefit from the content.)

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Yours in happiness, positivity, and simplicity,

Karol Gajda


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